• Buy

  • Buy

    When buying a property we believe it is imperative to develop a strategic plan customized for your needs. We cherish every client and work tirelessly to ensure your buying experience is unparalleled.

    Our Services

    • Conduct detailed consultation to identify critical search criteria
    • Develop a unique search plan
    • Provide design and construction assistance
    • Negotiate with sellers to achieve optimal results
    • Recommend trusted financing, insurance and construction partners

    Our Listings

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  • Sell

  • Sell

    Buyers and Sellers have access to an incredible selection of on-line resources that simply did not exist a decade ago.  Today’s consumers are more informed and more actively engaged in their home searches and marketing efforts than ever before.   As a result, they are challenging conventional pricing and marketing practices that have prevailed for generations.  Consumers are fed up with agents charging 6% commissions and are demanding lower cost options.  Consumers are tired of traditional marketing efforts and are seeking alternative solutions.  The landscape of the residential real estate industry is changing rapidly and Parkvue Realty is among a select few brokerages paving the way.  Parkvue Realty is responding to consumers by offering them what they want most: more options; and lower cost.

    0% Seller Paid Listing Fees

    Sell your property through a residential auction for 0% seller-paid commission. With the growth of on-line bidding-based marketplaces such as E-bay, the demand for similar options for selling real estate has emerged.  On-line residential auctions offer the time tested and proven results that traditional auctions have provided but in a more accessible format.  Best of all, it is standard for buyers to pay a premium or commission in addition to the accepted offer price.

    Many of the world’s most valuable items are sold through an auction process for the simple fact that it creates a competitive bidding environment which ultimately increases the sales price.  For most people, their homes are the most valuable assets they own and must be sold for the highest price possible.  Strategically showcasing your property through an auction would create transparent competition among a large pool of buyers and drive the offer prices higher.

    1.5% Seller Paid Listing Fees

    Not interested in the auction process then list for 1.5% with a minimum of $3,500 and a recommended 2.5% co-operating broker commission.  Benefit from maximum marketing exposure and exceptional service at a deep discount.  Your listings will be professionally photographed, placed on the MLS, featured in online ads, on social media campaigns, have multiple open houses and professional signage.  Sacrifice nothing and keep more money in your pocket!  *If you were referred to us by a third party like Redfin, Zillow or another source that will be receiving a referral fee, the minimum commission may change.

    Our Services Include

    • Property valuation and assessment
    • Strategic marketing plan
    • Professional photography
    • Maximum market exposure through hundreds of online and traditional resources
    • Expert negotiation with buyers to achieve optimal results

    Optional Services

    • Property staging and design consultation
    • True 3D virtual walk through with Matterport technology
    • Ariel photography with professional Drone technology
    • Direct mail, TV, Radio, Billboard, and Media publication advertising
    • Public relation services through local and national media outlets
    • Property staging consultation and set up
    • Design and renovation coordination and oversite
  • Rent

  • Rent

    We provided exceptional rental services for all property types such as single family houses, apartment buildings, condos, townhouses, retail, commercial and industrial.

  • Management

  • Management

    We provided exceptional property management services for all property types such as single family houses, apartment buildings, condos, townhouses, retail, commercial and industrial.

  • Development

  • Development

    The key to a successful project is to begin by building an outstanding team. As your real estate partner, we offer a practical and hands-on approach to ensure your project comes in on time and on budget. Our construction over site team creates a strategic marketing plan to correctly position your property in the market place. Whether your are building a condominium building and selling to individual homeowners or constructing a mixed-use residential and retail building we are able to provide exceptional services to help sell and/or lease your project.


    • Assist in site identification and acquisition
    • Aid in zoning and entitlements
    • Provide financial support
    • Assist in budget and pro-forma development
    • Offer design consultation
    • Aid in builder contractor recruitment and selection
  • REO

  • REO & Default Services

    Partnering with our asset management and real estate marketing team will make the difference in the timely liquidation of your defaulted loan and property portfolio. We help banks, lenders, loan servicers and investors evaluate, workout, manage and market real estate assets. We focus on providing an accurate value, positive net execution, high sales to initial BPO ratios and low aged invetory.

    We are proud to have had the opportunity to dispose thousands of properties since 2003. Our accomplishment has allowed us to help hundreds of families achieve homeownership and assist hundreds of investors build wealth. Most importantly this lead to the improvement of many communities while ultimately creating a positive impact for thousands of people involved throughout the entire process.

    Our coverage area is 60 miles around the Chicago and Miami market areas.


    • BPO valuation reporting
    • Borrower outreach and workout strategy
    • Occupant negotiation and relocation
    • Property inspection reporting
    • Receivership and probate services
    • Municipality compliance coordination
    • Property management
    • Construction contracting and oversight
    • Preservation and maintenance services
    • Utility management and expense payment
    • Marketing, promotion and sales
    • Offer negotiation and closing services

    Trade Associations & Certifications

    • Member of REOMAC
    • Member of NRBA
    • Member of IMBA
    • Equator, Res.net, Pyramid, Cascade Trained
    • Fannie Mae Trained
    • Freddie Mac Trained
    • HUD / VA / FDIC Trained
    • A-REO Certified

    Coverage Area Map


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    Occupant Negotiation and Relocation

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    Property Inspection Reporting

    Injured occupant left behind five cats.

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    Receivership and Probate Services

    We untangle a messy failed HOA and abaondoned condominium building.

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    Municipality Compliance Coordination

    City compliance is not only who you know but how to properly meet stringent requirements.

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    Property Management

    Long term or interim property management.

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    Construction Contracting and Oversight

    Dealing with contractors not getting construction permits.

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    Preservation and Maintenance Services

    Frozen pipes? Not problem!

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    Utility Tracking and Property Expense Payment

    Slapped with huge water bill from the City of Chicago.

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    Marketing and Promotions

    How to market the The Historic Wrigley Mansion that was taken back through foreclosure.

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    Offers Negotiation and Sales

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